Steps to put the eyeliner in the best possible way!

One should follow some procedure to apply eyeliner to their face. The steps are as follows:

Step 1: Lay down the base
Make the base for the shadow using a pencil, although I have been optioning between the various eye pencils. Make it to your upper as well as lower lashes, plus in to the crease, to make the shape as well as to assist the shadow stick.
Step 2: Sweep on eye shadow
In the fashion shows, the models wear cool-tone shadow, although I have been utilizing bronze to create mu eyes pop—plus, I love a softer look. Making use of deep matte shade is to go over where you keep down it as well as add a lighter shade using sheen in the centre of your eye. Try to use the shape rounder in place of a cat-eye, as well as mix the edges to look like a little hazy.
Step 3: Apply liquid liner
Add the life with a liquid liner on the top as well as bottom, keeping it very close to your lashes possibly, you really do not will to see the liner; it is done just to add a depth to it. No the look is not by wing but increase the line a little before your eye.
Step 4: Trace the liquid liner with a pencil
After getting you liquid eye liner dry, you just wish to cover the line with the help of the brown pencil liner, as well as a bit to blur it using the pencil brush or a cotton swab.
Step 5: Add the finishing touches
Now, get back to the liner having a more dark shadow for just to enhance the things slightly as well as add lot of mascara and there you are ready. You have got a smoky eye.
This how you will get your eyes beautiful with best eyeliner.

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