Ashes converted into memorial diamonds

You always want to remember loved ones in a special way. That is why the great idea of ashes to diamonds has been put in place. It turns out that even though it seems surprising, both the ashes along with the hair are manufactured with the same bodily and chemical substance characteristics associated with natural precious gems.

Diamonds are formed under immense temperature pressure, in the world, (HPHT) in the top layer of the Earth, 95-155 miles (150-250 kilometers) under the surface of the Earth) therefore to the ashes or hair must be afflicted by the same conditions in which expensive diamonds are formed.

The St . DIAMONDS laboratory recreates this all-natural process of HPHT as well as transforms the actual carbon in the remains of your loved one and therefore turns the ashes to diamonds

SAINT Expensive diamonds has been hectic investigating this process, to provide the most effective service to your families of the deceased, providing them with the option of maintaining your ashes or curly hair, converted into memorial service diamonds. The thought is very beautiful, as a really worthy strategy to keep the stays of that beloved family member, which in life presented everything for everyone, and carried on like a diamond in the hard, shining along with transparencies.

SAINT Gemstones creates cremation rings or cremation pendants. It really is a perfect work and of great the aristocracy. They offer various colors and sizes of cremation diamonds, every little thing will depend on an investment you can or even want to make to give those ashes along with hair the most effective and most magnificent destination.

Diamond beyond ashes prices

They start at $1249; the method lasts involving 3 to 5 a few months, and then can be delivered to loved ones.
Each E DIAMONDS cremation precious stone is sent with a certification with control report where it is medically proven that this commemorative diamond you are receiving was created from the continues to be (ashes or locks) of your loved one.
This procedure brings about the departed to be remembered in a very faith based way.

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