Kindergarten through 12th Grade

World Hope Academy allows students of any age and from any location to finish their education. More »

Broad Curriculum

A broad education is guaranteed with over 850 textbooks available to our students. More »


Our FCCPSA accreditation assures the public of our standards and continuous quest for improvement. More »


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Superior Staff

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high school

Kindergarten through 12th Grade


Since 1978, World Hope Academy has been helping students from all parts of the world earn their high school diploma. For many, completing high school is just a dream. At World Hope Academy, we turn dreams into reality since failure is not an option.

World hope Academy is an accredited private school offering students from all parts of the world the opportunity to learn by offering grades Kindergarten through 12th grade. Regardless of your age, location, or financial position, at World Hope Academy you can complete your K-12 education and earn your high school diploma from an accredited program.

World Hope Academy will help you whether you need to complete grades K-12, a few credits, credit recoveryadult educationfailed the FCAT, or any other educational need. Select one of the topics on the top menu and spend some time looking around. We can help any student solve their educational problem so call us at 786-592-2384 with your questions. 

Today, it appears that we’re all very busy with personal commitments and professional commitments. With your time in mind World Hope Academy offers different programs that fit anyone’s schedule.